Last update: December 06, 2023 - 17:12

I apologize for long delay. Unfortunate things have happened during last years so that i couldn't finish my project 'Global Rock Discography'.
I can not predict the publication exactly yet, but of course will inform about it here on my web-site as soon as possible.

The mass of artists who have published albums in the area of Rock over decades is gigantic and almost incredible. I have already been working at this project for years and spent innumerable hours designing the book as extensively as possible. But I recognize faults all the time which still must be corrected; quite a number of entries still shall be enlarged and completed.

It is my intention to name all groups and soloists listed worldwide who have published albums from the area of Rock music. Since there are many variations in this area, the styles of Beat, Blues, Jazz, Psychedelic, Country, Folk and others are also included, if the roots of Rock are still roughly recognizable. Only pressings on vinyl will be mentioned, that is no compact discs, cassettes or tapes; also no Compilations, EPs, Best-Ofs, records with Various Artists, one-sided albums. Only Stereo first pressings are mentioned from the native country of the individual artists. Of course, exceptions occur which were pressed only in Mono or not in the native country.
The period of about 1964 to this day is included. Generally it is quite difficult to describe single styles exactly, since as of the end of the seventies more and more features have influenced Rock music from other areas. The areas of pure Beat, Pop, Reggae, Soul, Funk, New Wave, Metal, Electronics, Punk are not mentioned in this book. This also due to the fact that I do not know enough of them and surely other reference books can give more exact information here.
The data are taken from the individual albums and covers or taken from other media. I have noticed that often only the basic line-up is noted down on the cover or supplements such as inner-sleeves or inserts with many albums; windplayers, strings or other guest musicians have often not been mentioned. I tried to include this where possible. At the end of the book a name index will be made with the alphabetical enumeration of all entries of the groups, soloists and musicians who are included; this shall make possible a cross-reference to other entries, where the individual artists also have played a part.

The unusual feature of this book is hopefully the fact that many record covers are shown. The covers of records which are rare by now and have a high collector's value are shown in a larger size within the pages of every single letter. Other album covers are shown in a smaller size at the end of every letter, most possibly of every entry. The more albums a group or a soloist has published, the more covers are shown. To give a more varied and interesting view to the purely discographic data, pictures are enclosed among well-known artists.

The size and design has been almost completed. The book contains more than 3000 pages and will probably come in three volumes.

To get a better view of the book I have included seven pages here (see below) at the example of letter A, which will be used in this form for the entire work.

Regarding this "Global Rock Discography" book I would be very grateful for comments, suggestions, reviews or any help. Please contact me by E-mail or by the Forum. And concluding i have to ask for pardon: of course my bad English from old schooldays still has to be corrected. Many thanks for visiting...

Volume 1: Discographic Data
Page 1 (as page 2 and 3)

Into first line (black background) name of the group or soloist in alphabetical order. No articles like "La", "El", "Los", "A" or similar which corresponds to the English "The".
Numbering of the respective entries on the right outside. Numbers are left out in her order from time to time to make additional entries possible.
Next section (grey background) for remarks like music style (e.g. "Folkrock") or short biographical notes.
Pictures between the individual entries of important or famous artists. Mainly photos of concerts or also cuts of LP-covers or -inserts.


Volume 1: Discographic Data
Page 2 (as page 1 and 3)

Next to the grey field comes listing of albums published officially. Titles of the albums are taken from the covers. In some cases titles are not on the cover but there is a note on the round label. If there is no title it gets the name of the artist.
Right besides that is stated the record company and record number of the first stereo pressing from the native country of the artist. Formats like Maxi-LP, EP or one-sided records as well as "Best Of´s", "Greatest Hits" or Various Artists are not taken into account. Specials like gatefold-cover, poster or all types of inserts will be stated in abbreviations.
The year of first release follows. If an album was released only considerably later than shortly after the recording, then the corresponding date is indicated in brackets in front of that.
On the right outside comes abbreviation of the country in which the record was pressed or released; this is the native country of the artists mostly. There are however exceptions primarily in the European area.


Volume 1: Discographic Data
Page 3 (as page 1 and 2)

The last double-columned section contains the alphabetical listing of the artists playing a part. Name behind a bracket mostly means that the musician only played on one or two tracks or only did a subordinate part. The abbreviation "a.o." means that further musicians are playing a part, however, unknown.
Numbers behind a bracket according to the name indicate the respective albums on which the artist has played a part. No number behind the name means that the artist has played on all albums.
Instruments which the musicians play are indicated with abbreviations on the right side of the column.


Volume 2: LP-Covers, large size
Page 4

Covers of records are shown in large size which are very rare or have a high collector's value nowadays. If possible original covers of first pressings.
Number on the right below every picture refers to the respective entry in Volume 1, behind the crossline to the respective record.


Volume 3: LP-Covers, small size
Page 5 (as page 6 and 7)

Further covers of records in a small size. The more albums a group or solist has published the more covers are shown.
As in Volume 2 the number on the right below every picture refers to the respective entry in Volume 1, behind the crossline to the respective record.


Volume 3: LP-Covers, small size
Page 6 (as page 5 and 7)


Volume 3: LP-Covers, small size
Page 7 (as page 5 and 6)